Relationship of the Mind & Body

It is becoming a worrisome matter how people who go into relationships go straight to explore each others bodies. What is it really about the body? It is a mass of sensual stuff controlled by your emotions and it is so fleeting. It is the worst way to show affection in terms of laying a foundation for a fruitful relationship.
Here’s what happens: you meet a lady as a guy and the first thing on your mind is how to have her in your bed… it shows how much respect you have for her person. What you have done is to simply summarize that lady as a simple sex symbol. And a woman is much more than a sex object. She is a creation of God with a specific purpose on this planet. She does not need anyone who sees her as a toy for a one-night stand. That kind of life belongs to base animals who have no privilege of using a God-given common-sense. No wonder, we are referred to as “the crown of God’s creation” – we the human race.
In the light of the foregoing therefore, every lady must so honour herself that she does not entertain any guy in her life who is first interested in her body before checking out “who” she is. Respect yourself, your God and his purpose for your life.
To the guys, take this or leave it: it is only dogs who run after its female specie any time its body is on heat for sex. You ain’t dog! You are a human being. You belong to the Almighty God who created sex to be used within the confines of marriage alone. Respect your body, your person and your God. As a gentleman, respect any lady you express affection for by seeking to find out “who she is on the inside of her mind” and help her to develop the potential you see. Ladies love any man who does this. Stay away from her body as much as possible until you are done deciding if you really love the person inside her and then follow the process of culture (as prescribed in whichever part of the world you are positioned) and take that lady before God in front of a priest and may be a few witnesses – marry her. After that, you both can explore your bodies as a bonus for your shared affection. It is the sweetest experience in the world when done right – that is speaking about married sex.
Spend time to check out your girlfriend or boyfriend against the principles you have decided to live on; if both of you are on the same page, then plan together towards a married relationship. Going forward, don’t ever make a relationship decision on the premise of a lady’s body or a guy’s looks – there are weightier matters to consider than the “oohs” and “aahs” of sex.

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