Guy Punches His Bride, Leaves Her Blind For Dropping Icing On His Clothes While Presenting Birthday Cake

A British woman arranged a surprise holiday for her and her fiancé on his birthday on January 11, 2015. She prepared a birthday cake and presented it to him. However, when the icing on the birthday cake accidentally dropped in his clothes, the fiancé descended on her with blows, leaving her half blind.

Akorede Odutayo suffered the assault in 2015

Akorede Odutayo, 23, could scarcely believe the viciousness of the attack by Ibrahim Akanbi, the man she thought loved her and with whom she has a two-year-old son. Both are originally from Nigeria.


Speaking to a reporter, she said: “He started chucking things at me and headbutted me, cutting his head on my tooth. He then started punching me repeatedly and I ran to pick up the phone and screamed to my sister, but he chased me and started hitting me over and over until my face went numb. My eye was full of blood. There was blood all over my house, my clothes, the wall, the bed, it looked like a murder scene.”

Odutayo after the attack

Odutayo had to spend three days in the hospital undergoing surgery after the attack. She was devastated when doctors informed her that she had lost sight in her right eye and there was nothing they could do to restore it.

To make matters more difficult for her, the Crown Prosecution Service in London decided not to press charges against Akanbi. Odutayo had to appeal the decision with the help of the police, and she says the experience prolonged her agony.

Ibrahim Akanbi was eventually charged and convicted

Akanbi was eventually arrested and charged with domestic violence. In December last year, a London court sentenced him to three years in jail.

Odutayo shared her story publicly because she wanted to raise awareness about domestic violence and the difficulties women face in getting justice.

Here are some domestic violence survivors sharing their experiences.

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