Can I Buy,Borrow Or Even Steal The Adesua Effect- Yasmin

The love affair between RnB and i is unbreakable and I honestly can’t explain why that’s the only genre of music, i seem to enjoy.

So you would understand why Banky’s Heaven(Susu song) got me thinking, writing, crying and above all being Hopeful.

I am loving Heaven by Banky W and it has been on replay for days but this evening it got me thinking deeply about my personal journey with men.

Some questions have been on my mind since the announcement of their engagement and mama Yaz, can’t find a suitable answer to any of them.

1) Do they fight
2) Does he make her cry?
3) Does he call her names when angry?
4) Has he lied to her?
5) Has he cheated on her?
6) What kept them together this long?
7) Does she put herself down to boost his Ego?
8) Did he watch all her movies, Is he interested in her career?
6) What was it about Adesua that got Banky crazy and sang like we have never heard before.

Oh the Adesua Effect! Can I buy it somewhere, Can I studying it in some school, Can i steal it or even borrow it for some days.

They made love look effortless, natural and beautiful…What a Lovely(soulful) song for a beautiful girl!!!

Do you and I have a chance of being loved like this, treated like queens that we truly are??? Yes, We Do!!!

Do not settle for Less than you DESERVE! Only KINGS deserve QUEENS *winks*

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