I Want to Make Money and Not Love or Marriage

I’m a 26 year old girl but the truth is that I’m scared of marriage. My parents’ marriage made me realize that a lot of women are enduring unbearable pains in marriage.

My mum suffered a lot before my father passed away and she even suffered more training us in school. Now, I’ve graduated but I’m not so keen on getting married. All I want is to make money and be happy. I even believe I can get pregnant and have one or two kids without a husband.

I’ve never been so worried about having a man in my life even though I know its necessary. All I desire is to be financially successful.

My problem is this. I have some viable business ideas and I intend to relocate to Lagos to kick start any of them. I’m also interested in music and I’ve been told by some producers that I’ve worked with that I’m talented enough and that my music is unique. I even got someone that wanted to give me a record deal but he has been unserious of late due to an artist he sponsored that didn’t break through.

Its also part of why I want to relocate to Lagos. To hustle for my music and use the business that I’ll start to be sponsoring myself till I get a good deal. But my people are on my neck to accept a marriage proposal from a guy from my town. However, I just don’t feel like getting married now. I strongly believe I’ll make it if I follow my dreams. I’m also pretty enough so I know that getting a suitor at 30 years or thereabout shouldnt be too difficult.

Dear BVs, please I seek for those of you who have experienced this to advice me. Do you think I’ll regret my decision later? Do you think I won’t make it?

Or should I get married and forget about being financially independent and maybe hope to get employed in the future?

Please, I need your mature pieces of advice.


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  1. wow! I really like you for that,,, but always remember ‘every gift has a price’ just make sure ur dreams are worth the happiness & romance of marriage life. cos in every action, they is a consequences.

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