Wedding: Congratulations as Tuman takes Queen to his Kingdom!!!

It all started four years ago, I was still recuperating from an injury I sustained in an accident, Tuman, as he’s called by everybody, will always come and check on me at Dambari opposite BUK, that show of care and affection alone captured my heart. He was different from anyone I had met with his humble and quiet nature. The most part of our relationship is that he encouraged me to take care of myself rather than destroy myself.

I later refer to him as the one who saved me, because he pulled me out from the depth of cynicism and self-destructive habits, and made me look at the mirror with the same honesty I pushed so hard onto everyone around. Thanks to our pastor who conducted uncountable deliverance prayers on me, pastor Paul Uujamhan of Alpha Life Tabernacle. From the day we met it was barely three years later before he asked me to be his wife, our relationship has had the expected ups and downs, but it is a dance, we may grow apart for a while, fight, be immature and argue,but we always find ourselves back together, embracing and moving as one.i have come to understand the meaning of love as it was meant to be,it is a grace.

A necessary redemption and a beautiful transcendence from the ugliness we all have inside of us. Here we are now. #JayWin17

Congratulations to the Couple…

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  1. Congratulations my darling friend. This is a new beginning for u both, a lifetime of bliss nd splendour. Beautiful kids and life lined up ahead.
    I love u guys.

  2. Awesome…..Indeed Destiny has brought you both together and Grace has been unlimited……Better days are ahead of you, Winnie you shall be a blessing to Johnson, that favour of God he shall obtain…. you both will grow old in the wisdom and understanding of God’s love, To Winnie go forth and build your home with the knowledge of God’s words……HML JW17

  3. Beautiful! I love that anyways, grace has brought you together that same grace shall see you through in Jesus name. Happy marriage life, you guys are blessed and highly favored.

  4. Wow am short of words but have seen that with genuine love you can break barriers am glad to know and withness the beginning of this union and I known it will be heaven on earth because prophecy from God servant has gone forth. Happy marriage life jaywin

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