The Need for an Accountability Partner By Yasmin

Do you have an accountability partner? Do you need one as a young adult? Who is an accountability Partner?
These questions, even though hypothetical is meant to mirror the need of every purpose driven person to have an accountability partner. There are a lot of reasons why this is required in life. I will want to use the realm of a romantic relationship as a case to push the case for the need for an accountability in this post.Being in love can be as intoxicating as being drunk. Jason Illian said is his book “Undressed” that falling in love is like drinking 5martinis on an empty stomach. When in love, we often do things ordinarily we wouldn’t do; we go above and beyond and when it ends, we beat ourselves trying to understand why we acted the way we did while dating.Just like being high, love can make you do crazy things which you may eventually regret; that is why we need a sane guide called an “accountability partner”.
Batman had Robin, Scooby-Doo had Shaggy, Lone Ranger had Tonto, Olivia Pope has Cyrus and even David had
Jonathan. An accountability partner will make you see things for what they truly are and not what your emotions tell you.That one person who holds you accountable for your actions and inactions is required. When it comes to love, it doesn’t matter how much knowledge or experience you have gathered, you still need that one guide for support, who see things differently and shares facts with you about every situation with you.
Don’t be foolish to undermine the power of love; when Jonathan was out of David’s life, what happened? David slept with Bathsheba. Your accountability partner should be available to you at any moment. He or she must be a person of integrity who is above reproach; not your family member and not necessarily your friend. Your accountability partner should be a person with whom you can be vulnerable; this person must be ready to manage sensitive issues between you two.Preferably, you will need to pick a person of the same gender as your accountability partner. Ladies, pick a lady while the guys stay with a male.
Most successful people in the world have someone who holds them to their words and set goals. If you don’t have an accountability partner in your life, it is not late to have one today.
Would you want me to be your AP? What do you think?

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  1. I want you to be my AP. Could you? This reminds me the recent TED talk by Bill Gates of Microsoft at California about ‘Life & Coaching ‘. If you didn’t watch the TED Talk by the richest person on Earth and one of the greatest philanthropist, visit

  2. I’am dating a guy for about 2years now.he is an artise.he is always bussy in the stidio and becouse of that,we hardly see each other.our relationship has been tragic throughout.less communication,distance problem.and i really love him and i want the relationship to last but the problem is i dont knw weider he love me like i do becouse he used to spend a week before calling me

    1. Hello Comfort…
      thanks for sharing your situationship (yes…that is what you two have going now), I have 2 things to tell and I hope they help you make a clearer decision about your relationship.
      1. No one is too busy to either call or keeps in touch with someone they love…it all depends on their priority, if you are so important he would make out time to call you at least 1ce a day.
      2. the beauty of being in love is the sacrifice we make for our partners, sometimes it doesn’t have to be what we want or how uncomfortable it is…it is the efforts made to put a smile on your partners face.
      You and your man have been on this for 2years!!! and you don’t know if he loves you??? WOW!!! ask him. talk to him about it but from where I stand…you two are not less than good friends.
      Do have yourself a fantastic time and thanks again for reaching out!!!

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