The Ideal Qualities a Woman Should Seek in A Man By Yasmin

Love is not a feeling…
It is a commitment…
Love is not an emotion….
It is a Choice…..
If you want a successful Relationship, it all starts with looking for a Godly characteristic.
If you want your marriage to be different from what you see and hear today, you must date differently and seek out Godly characteristics and not just the personal qualities.
What are personal Qualities?
They are traits, behavior, physical looks, attributes we make up in our mind of a partner.
A mental image of the man we want beside us for the rest of our lives.
A Man’s Educational background
A Man’s Financial Strength
A Man’s Physical Look
A Man’s Personality
A Man’s Complexion
A Man’s Age
A Man’s Ethnic Background
Can these qualities keep a Relationship? Can the above qualities keep a marriage? Well, they can make you fall in love but to keep you in love it is impossible.
As much as I advocate for women dating men with unique qualities they are attracted to, don’t let it supersede the Godly Characteristics.
Godly Characteristics
1) Love (A man who loves and respect his body and soul)
2) Joy (A man who doesn’t need you makes him joyful)
3) Peace (A peaceful man)
4) Patience (A Patient man)
5) Kindness (A kind heartened man)
6) Goodness (A Good Man)
7) Faithfulness (A faithful man)
8) Gentleness (A gentle-spirited man)
9) Self-Control (A self/flesh discipline man)
How does a woman know a man has all of these before dating?
Be friends and look out for the godly qualities, it is possible to find little pieces of these qualities because we are all under development/construction as humans. We are all a process, still working/walking towards perfection.
But you cant see these godly qualities if you don’t have them.
So as a woman what you are looking out for is what you should have and master.
These attributes are the very essence of God, God is love. So to experiences, unconditional love, seek out a man with these qualities.
In a situation where you don’t see any of these qualities, please stop and get out because you do not pray these into anybody, if it is not there, don’t even bother…Let him go!!!

I see a lot of ladies fall into the trap of dating and even marrying wrong men in an effort to fulfill the scripture.
“Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness?”
1. Spiritually yoked
2. Emotionally yoked
3. Intellectually yoked
4. Physically yoked
Relationships aren’t easy but it should be exciting.
Life is a dance, you learn as you go. Sometimes you lead and sometimes you follow. Don’t worry about what you don’t know. Life is a dance, you learn as you go.

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  1. While in my early teens, I was taken to a lecture by the mother of a friend about ‘the virtuous woman’ and how to have one from Islamic perspective….this post time traveled with me to the day when I was listening to the beautiful words of the Sheikh. There are many common backgrounds where Islam meets with Christianity, do you know why? They are all Abrahamic faiths. Right?

  2. Godly characters. But let me pick from our everyday living…A man who has never be genuely sorry about anything is dangerous. Always blaming everyone else and don’t take responsibilities or situp to challenges or that someone else should be responsible for him (boyish) the man must inspire his woman, be strong enough to conclude argument with a definite position. A man who cannot give…my dear run, and has he ever managed anything productively? The list goes on…

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