Wedding: Engr Abdulhamid Lawandeen & Halima Abubakar Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

It all started some years back when Halima walked into Abdulhamid office, for inquiries about her internship programme.
Abdulhamid walked passed the beautiful lady that afternoon, little did he know that was his soul mate. About 4hours later he got back to the office from a field assignment, only to find the Halima still waiting at the reception.
So he investigated and found out there was no space for more interns and everybody had forgotten the young lady at the reception, so he walked up to her, apologized and broke the bad news to her.

A week later one of the interns in the company pulled out of the internship programme and that provide a vacancy for Halima, which was later contacted and offered the position.

Engr Abdulhamid got interested in a lady that could be that patient and humble, so they got talking and the talking grew into friendship and here they are today…

Congratulations Halima Hamid…Come December 23rd they will be making it official and we shall be there live!!!

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